“Question the beauty of the earth, question the beauty of the sea, question the beauty of the air distending and diffusing itself, question the beauty of the sky. . . question all these realities. All respond: “See, we are beautiful.” Their beauty is a profession [confessio]. These beauties are subject to change. Who made them if not the Beautiful One [Pulcher] who is not subject to change?”

St Augustine of Hippo, 4th Century

This website exhibits the photographic work of Michael Pui.  On this site you will see mainly New Zealand pictures, but listed under “Overseas”, are those taken outside New Zealand.  

Obviously, the photos have been reduced in resolution and a watermark added to give some protection against misuse and copyright infringement. Nevertheless, the resolutions are still reasonably high so that visually you can appreciate some of the details.

The Copyright of the photos on this website belongs to Michael Pui, and illegal use of the photos may lead to legal ramifications.  Please contact him for any request for the release of copyright for use of the images.

(The images are available on high resolution without watermark of course!)