Hanoi: the Last Leg of the Tour of Vietnam

After a long train ride yesterday, we arrived in Hanoi in the evening with time for a meal and a little stroll along the streets in the city centre.  The traffic is as bad as Saigon’s if not worse!  Imagine a stream of cars and scooters and you in a taxi.  The taxi then proceeds to cut across the stream of traffic in a perpendicular direction!.  Well, it works if you dare.  People just go around you.  No need for road rage as we have in NZ!

More photos will be posted later…. we are booked on a day excursion around the city.  Everything here is ‘city price’, and it is noticeable after spending a quiet time in the village!.  We did find an excuse to have a beer in a five-story restaurant just to get the view.  Alas, the trees still blocked the scene!

Ha Long Bay is not in the itinerary: perhaps its the carrot to consider coming back to Vietnam in the future.