Hone Ma Heke – Rebel with a Cause!

At first I thought it was a tourist attraction – a kind of horse ride being offered – when I spied a photo opportunity of a man and his horse cart in the middle of Nelson.   As I started to photograph, it became clear that the man has most of his possession with him on the horse cart, and another “trailer cart” on the opposite side of the road.  I went for a chat, and Hone Ma Heke made himself known.  I recorded in my notes “Mahiki”, but upon research of old news item, found that it is “Ma Heke”.  He tells me of his rebelling against the system.  He did not use the word “rebelling”.  He speaks more of his freedom – freedom to choose against a system that is corrupt.

Referring to the NZ Bill of Rights he tells me that everyone has the right to freedom of movement in New Zealand – but at the moment, the Council, and the local businesses are trying to ban him from the city.  He has many “parking tickets”, and being charged with running a motorised vehicle illegally – and if that were true, then its the first motorised horse I’ve met!  He takes up at least two parking spaces, so I guess that’s one of the reason they are against him.  He now has to hang around town because of a few pending court cases.

MPE10757 lores Hone Ma Heke   Rebel with a Cause! Image

Tickets galore!


He does not even receive the benefit.  He sees himself free.  He survives on goodwill of others, receiving “koha” – donation.

We had a good chat, and we parted with a hongi.


God bless him.


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P/s I went back later and gave him a loaf of cake.

MPE10758 lores Hone Ma Heke Hone Ma Heke   Rebel with a Cause! Image

Hone Ma Heke,
Rebel with a Cause!