Melaka – UNESCO world heritage city

I spent 24 hours is Melaka (or Malacca).  Its a great place for photography, but the time I was there, the skies were grey and it rained from time to time.

Its full of history.  The Portuguese conquered it in 1511.  St Francis Xavier spent several months in Malacca in 1545, 1546, and 1549.  The Dutch launched several attacks on Melaka during the first four decades of the seventeenth century.   Not surprisingly the oldest Church (1521) in South East Asia was St Paul’s (originally Catholic, and later Dutch Reformed) which eventually was turned into a fortress.

Jonker Street seems to be the main tourist attraction – and I was surprised at the number of tourists in Melaka.  Its also a place for foodies!  There are colourful rickshaws offering rides along the streets, with music blaring…

MP270273c lores Melaka   UNESCO world heritage city Image

Colourful Rickshaws