More Astro-Experiment

Perfect condition as far as the sky was concerned.  It just snowed, and the ‘high’ was hovering over the country so no cloud, and light pollution was minimal at Hanmer SPrings.  Problem was…… it was minus 5C!.


Yep, Noise is a problem!  Cold is another one!.  This shot is not the best, but it gave me a chance to experiment with stacking 3 images taken on high ISO.  I actually did 15s live-stacking (LiveComp) for 43 minutes of a star-trail of the same shot, but after standing around for that time at minus 5C, I somehow pressed the wrong button, so the image was not saved after showing up on the Live view all those time.  Aaaaargh!

I have just investigated…… need a Nikon 810A!  Time to get a Lotto ticket!

hANMER1 More Astro Experiment Image

Milky way over Hanmer SPrings