How does one Capture the Essence of someone else’s art/mind?

I was in Barcelona, and was fascinated by Anton Gaudi’s great architectural work: The Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) Cathedral.   The challenge of  still photography when it comes to building or other artwork, is to express the beauty and mind of the other artist.  But how in this case?  How do I capture the essence of Guadi’s artistic expression.  Of course in my case, I only had two lenses with me, and had limited time, and limited access, not to mention the presence of

MP036666 lores How does one Capture the Essence of someone elses art/mind? Image

Gaudi’s Sacraga Familia

hundreds of tourists……It took me two days of thinking, and reflecting and finally, after many shots, I was satisfied with only one! (see the above shot, using a super wide angle lens.  The picture shows the crucifix which is above the altar – the altar is not depicted in the shot).

The Cathedral is still not yet completed after about 3 centuries of construction.    Gaudi must have been both mad and a visionary to attempt this project.  He was a holy man, attending Mass daily near the end of his life.  If there is anything to be said about the shot I am happy with, I would say that it showed me what Gaudi was attempting to say.  The Cathedral is a statement of a world that has been redeemed – a new Eden, the new Jerusalem that is to come.  A world that is tarnished by sin is now renewed by the sacrifice of Christ…… and in the very Cathedral where the sacrifice of Christ is made present through the Sacrifice of the Mass, the new Eden takes root……

Michael Pui