Penang – Its Streets

Visiting Penang must include exploring some of its streets.  Some streets are food haven – mainly in the form of Hawker street food.  Others like the Old Georgetown Street of Penang  gives a sense of Penang’s history and culture.   The Old Georgetown Street  is also a UNESCO Heritage site containing architecture from the British colonial times.  Parts of the present streets are still in the original gird as laid out by Francis Light for the early settlement of George Town in the late 18th century.

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Penang’s Unesco Heritage Site

In 2012, the Penang municipal hired a London-trained Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic, and charged him with breathing new life into some of the Chinese shop-houses around the inner city.  Zacharevic turned certain areas into thriving tourist destinations that also became the much-talked about object of attention among locals.    His artwork is spread out along several roads