Every face tells a story.  Some people have a noble and majestic face, some have a lived face, some have a mystery behind their face.  I have always wanted people who would pose for me so that I can ‘play’ with the light to highlight certain features.  Mostly people are shy……  Only managed a few, and often without control of the lighting.


MP118316C Joe McAskill Portrait Image

Joe McAskill once posed for me – it was easier to ask when he owed me a favour for cutting his hair!.  I’m glad he did.  His is one of those I regard as a ‘noble’ face (thanks to my handiwork with his hairstyle? !!)

Born in the Hebrides, Scotland, and lived is last years in New Zealand.  Many a stories  he could tell.  He was a lad when the shipwreck captured in the film “Whiskey Galore” happened at his very home.  May he rest in peace.