Vanuatu – Land of the Happy People

Had a week in Vanuatu without any planning.  My base was Port Vila, the capital, which was situated on the island of Efate.  When I was there, I discovered that I should have gone to the island of Tanna to the world’s most accessible live volcano.  Never mind – next time.

I think Vanuatu is at a cross-road.  Soon tourism will take a deeper grip of life there, and the quiet simple life will change.  I am glad I was there before the big changes come.

I quietly explored the nearby island and walked through some of the villages.  The people were genuine, and I was so touched when I got invited for lunch. The people are generally happy despite, if compared to the NZ scenes, they have little.  They actually have a lot without realising it.  They are generous, curious, and very happy to pose for photographs!.

Photographic-wise, I had thought I could do heaps of Astrophotography – but when I was there, the sky was usually cloudy and variable, and I wasn’t sure about the accessibility of the other islands which will give me the dark skies.



MPE10505v Vanuatu   Land of the Happy People Image

Albert of Ifira