Who am I?

Questions have been asked as to who this mysterious photographer is!

Suffice to say that I have been doing photography (including teaching others) since I was a teenager, developing films and printing in my own darkroom (thank God for Digital Photography!).  This website is to share with you my view of the world – mainly through New Zealand pictures.

I am based in Christchurch, New Zealand.  As I do not earn a real income from photography to support my living, I cannot call myself a “professional”, rather a “serious enthusiast” .   Occasionally someone asks for my photos to be released for use and offer to pay a small price.   That means I do have another “day job”, but my camera is with me most of the time.  Just about every moment when I am awake, I ‘see’ the world through the possibility of composing a shot!  January – March, there is less photographic activity as I chase Salmon!

Some of my work appear in the Christchurch Press (advertising), and in  Taupo.  2 of my photos appeared in NZ Geographic’s Southern Exposure (click on “People”) and until recently,  my photos are published in one of the NZ fortnight publications.

I hope the above satisfies your curiosity!


Michael Pui